Design Industry Partners

Design Industry Partners

Dividing Responsibilities

Lighten your workload with Kitchen Studio. The detailed and often time-consuming process of designing and creating custom living space can seem burdensome. Place the responsibility in our hands, and you’re free to focus your attention where you believe it’s needed the most.

Experience matters

 Kitchen Studio has been here on the Central Coast since 1984, building our business one relationship at a time. Professionals have come to recognize our high standards, easygoing style, consistency and unparalleled levels of services. We invite you to utilize these attributes and our experience to your advantage.

We know homeowners

Having created so many spaces for so many different lifestyles, we’ve developed a sixth sense for what is essential. Sometimes it’s as difficult for a client to express a living space concept as it is to make it a reality. Knowing there are special needs and requests which require a little more attention makes the difference, so you can consider the attention to detail taken care of. 

You make the call

Our philosophy is pretty simple – we work the way you want us to work. We’re completely flexible, yet strategic in our steps. So if you want us to guide a homeowner through the design and planning process step-by-step, we’re up to the task. If you prefer that we keep a low profile and take instructions directly from you, we’re happy to oblige. And if all you need is someone to supply you with cabinetry, we’re happy to be your supplier. We can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you like us to be. It’s all up to you. 

Our Expertise at Work

View our project gallery exhibiting our dedication to high standards, easygoing style, consistency and unparalleled levels of service.