Design Services

Design Services


Designing With You at the Forefront

Our design fees are based on square footage of what we include in our layouts. We have a $1500 minimum (or 100 sq ft. Minimum – typically it’s an average of about $15/sq ft up to 300 sq ft.). That includes the design of up to three floor plans and six rendered cameras views, per plan. With this said, you are not obligated to purchase any products from us.

Once a final design is complete and agreed upon, your final design is priced in three levels – low, middle, high. As a result of these price brackets, you have control over what you set value in when it comes to the purchase of products. Hopefully, that works for you and gives you enough flexibility to know you’re obtaining a fantastic, thoughtful layout, with your lifestyle in mind, all while making sure the space is functional and beautiful, for you now, and for many years to come.

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All price ranges, plans, specifications, features, amenities and other descriptions are preliminary and subject to change as the project develops. Prices and projects will vary based on location, view, optional amenities, and changes in project development over time not reflected here. Pictures may not include optional features or premiums for upgraded units. Actual prices will become available when units become available for sale. Certain amenities will be operated by third parties and will be subject to availability and/or changes in plans. Additionally, certain amenities may require additional payment. Images and depictions are artistic, conceptual renderings for illustration purposes only and may not depict actual buildings or amenities, all of which are preliminary and subject to change or cancellation in their entirety.