Remodel Services

Remodel Services

Our Process

From simple cabinetry installation to designing and building services, we’re here for all your residential interior remodels. Click through our remodel process to get an in-depth view of how we work. 


Reach Out

  • Email or call us to begin the process of evolving your space! We would be happy to discuss your project and answer any questions you might have.
  • If you feel our services fit your needs, we’ll schedule an initial consultation in which we’ll meet with you to discuss what you’re looking for in your home or in the showroom, depending on your project requirements.


  • Your space should evolve to fit you and your needs! Let your vision and our experience inspire your new space. 
  • Come by our showroom to be inspired before your initial consultation, or feel free to begin formulating your ideas and project wish list by collecting ideas and putting together idea-boards on Pinterest and Houzz that capture your taste and style. Follow us today!

Initial Consultation


  • We’ll start by discussing all the possibilities for your living space! Please don’t hesitate to bring up any ideas or concerns you may have; we want to understand you and your needs for improvement.
  • From there we will discuss the feasibility of your ideas and we will present our initial concept for the remodeled space.

Project Budget Development

  • Every project has a budget. Our goal is to give you a realistic idea of what your project will cost. Based on the scope of work, we will assess if we can do what you want for the amount you are prepared to spend. We can also discuss a variety of financing options we have available to our clients.

Project Development

  • Project development is a multistep process in which we create a preliminary plan and budget for your project. The process includes taking detailed measurements of the space(s), scope development, developing renderings, and material sourcing and further proposal development
  • There is a small fee associated with the phase. It is none refundable, but it is credited towards the cost of your project. Fees are based on the room type and elements within. This allows us to allocate our resources required to give you the information and service you need to make an educated decision on your remodel project.
  • The plans and proposal generated in this phase will help you make better decisions and have a clear understanding of the budget and scope of work

Design Phase

  • The design development for your project is a collaborative effort between you, our owner and head designer Jillian, and the design team. We’ll discuss the changes and alterations to your space and make any adjustments to the preliminary plan. Then design elements, both functional and aesthetic, are fine tuned.
  • With this list of changes and alterations, our in-house designers create the first set of plans. 
  • If further alterations are requested, a second set of revisions are made and presented for review. There are no additional design charges through the second set of revisions. While rarely required, if further revisions are requested, there is an hourly charge for the third and subsequent revisions. If new appliances are required for the project, you will be given a list of items needed and the sizes once the final design is agreed to.
  • We meet to finalize a set of construction documents that layout every aspect of your project, and from there we can set plans into action.

Selections and Finishes

  • Following the design phase our head designer, Jillian, will schedule a meeting at our showroom to finalize material selections such as tile, countertops, cabinets and fixtures. We will also discuss items needed for the project should you choose to provide your own materials/fixtures. If new appliances are part of your project, we will need to confirm model numbers and lead times. 


  • After finalizing all selections, a selection sheet is turned in and our team will check lead times on materials. At this point your start date will be scheduled and we will start the revamp of your space!


  • At Kitchen Studio, we understand that a large percentage of our clients will still be living in their home during the remodel process. We also understand that the areas we’ll be working in are in the heart of the home and central to everyday life, so we will discuss how long the process will take and what you should be prepared for. 
  • Though the construction area is typically only a portion of the total area of the home, we will do all we can to keep our working foot print small. We’ll provide daily cleanup and implement dust control methods, protecting all home surfaces. 
  • Since we take you from the design process through to construction with minimal use of subcontractors, we maintain control over the end-result with limited miscommunication and delays

CSLB license: Class B – 770714.  In compliance with Cal-OSHA Safety rules – General Liability Coverage – workers compensation insurance proof of insurance certificates available upon request. We offer full scale design and build services for residential interior remodels and additions – We also provide cabinetry installation services and repairs.

All price ranges, plans, specifications, features, amenities and other descriptions are preliminary and subject to change as the project develops. Prices and projects will vary based on location, view, optional amenities, and changes in project development over time not reflected here. Pictures may not include optional features or premiums for upgraded units.   Actual prices will become available when units become available for sale. Certain amenities will be operated by third parties and will be subject to availability and/or changes in plans. Additionally, certain amenities may require additional payment. Images and depictions are artistic, conceptual renderings for illustration purposes only and may not depict actual buildings or amenities, all of which are preliminary and subject to change or cancellation in their entirety.